Jarrampa are cherabin – they are very tasty to eat but a challenge to catch because of those claws. One old woman had a clever way of catching them – she put meat between her toes and then put her feet into the billabong. When the jarrampa started to nibble at the meat, she quickly gathered them up in her skirts and put them in a bucket. Later the whole family sat around the campfire to share in a delicious meal of jarrampa.

This bilingual book – in Walmajarri and English – was produced in a workshop with ILF Ambassador Alison Lester, and author and publisher Jane Godwin. 

About the author and illustrators: Marshia Cook lives in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia with her family. This is her first book, but she has more planned, more books in her language of which there are so few.

Tamua Nuggett and Cazarus Baker are her children. This was very much a family project.