Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck)


The much awaited follow up to popular children's book Moli det bigibigi, the new book Moli bin git stak follows the adventures of a now grown-up Moli the pig. Looking for shade on a hot day in Kalano, Moli takes shelter under a local van, but ends up getting stuck! Will she manage to get free? 

About the author:
My name is Karen Manbulloo. I came to live in Binjari in 1999 with my first son. We came here from Rockhole Community. Now I have another three kids. We’ve all lived here since then. All my kids are now adults and have kids of their own. I like to go fishing, hunting, camping and shopping. I love being surrounded by my kids and my family. We come together to tell stories and talk about the olden days and what life was like when I was little. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Binjari.