The Reading Opens Doors Library provides your office, boardroom or staffroom with a collection of beautiful picture books for young children, young adults as well as celebrated adult titles.

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“The Reading Opens Doors Library means you don’t have to knock or ask permission. You can enter and be embraced by stories that tell the traumas and triumphs of this continent’s First Peoples, today.”
Contributing author and ILF ambassador, Kim Scott

$499 including delivery!


The titles and authors in each Library are:

  1. Freedom Day - Vincent Lingiari and the story of the wave hill walk-off - Rosie Smiler, Thomas Mayor and Samantha Campbell
  2. Charlie’s Swim - Edith Wrght and Charmain Leaden-Lewis
  3. Storm Warning - Lauren Boyle and Alyssa Mason
  4. Young Dark Emu: A Truer History - Bruce Pascoe
  5.  Winthali - Joe Willigan Ross and Stacey Bush
  6.  Jarrampa - Marshia Cookku
  7. The Little Red Yellow Black Book: An introduction to Indigenous Australia
  8. Koori Princess - Anita Heiss
  9. My Dream Time - Ash Barty
  10. Song of the Crocodile - Nardi Simpson
  11. Wylah The Koorie Warrior - Jordan Gould and Richard Pritchard
  12. Songlines The Power and Promise - Margo Neale and Lynne Kelly
  13. Flock First Nations Stories Then and Now - Edited by Ellen van Neerven
  14. We Come With This Place - Debra Dank
  15. The Upwelling - Lystra Rose
  16. Murli la - Ngarukuruwala Women’s Group
  17. Uncle Xbox - Jared Thomas
  18. Drop Bear - Evelyn Araluen

If you would like to order more than one Library and would like them delivered to different addresses, please complete a new order form for each order.