Build Your Library - The Japarrika Series


The Japarrika Series consists of three books that reflect the lives of the young women living on the Tiwi Islands. The stories are a great learning resource for other young people to develop an awareness and understanding of Tiwi culture, the dramas, the celebrations and themes such as family structures, belonging and the challenges for young people living in remote Australia. Written in English with words in Tiwi language,  it’s a timely alignment to year one of UNESCO’s Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022-2032. 

Each year from 2017-2019, ten young women from Tiwi College flew to Sydney or  Melbourne to write and publish the Japarrikaseries.  We invite you to build your library with First Nations language and culture and purchase these fun and engaging junior fiction novels today.

  • Japarrika - Explores the journey of finding the courage to believe in yourself. 
  • Japarrika Rises - Protagonist Kay-Bell has to face the obstacles of playing AFLW.
  • Ngiya Yintanga Japarrika - Kay-Bell must overcome a horrible flatmate, a racist spectator and homesickness to make her dreams come true.