Purchase a book pack for someone you love this Festive Season. These books have been written and illustrated by Elders, adults and children in remote communities across Australia. Written in Aboriginal languages and English, these quality book packs will delight young readers and expand their knowledge of Aboriginal culture and language. 

If you would prefer to donate and help put books into the hands of kids in remote communities please click here.

The perfect book pack for early readers, this pack contains:

  • Karrkin (My Body) - written in Mangala and English, for age 2+
  • Tudei en longtaim - written in Kriol and English, for age 3+ 




The perfect book pack for early learners, this pack contains:

  • Wamparla Apira - Written in Arabana and English, for ages 5+
  • I Saw We Saw - Written in English with some words in Yolŋu Matha, for ages 5+



To ensure you get your Festive Book Pack in time for Christmas, all orders up to the 15th December will be sent priority post, at no additional cost to you. 
If you order after this time, your books will be scheduled for delivery after 5 January.  



Give the gift of reading this festive season.
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For every sale a 25% royalty is paid to the authors and illustrators in remote communities, helping to build economic and social capacity. 

We encourage early orders to beat the festive postal rush.

* Thanks to our major sponsor, Australia Post, there are no additional postage charges for card or book deliveries within Australia.