Karrkin (My Body)


Created and translated into Mangala by Maureen Yanawana with the families of La Grange KindiLink. Illustrated by children from La Grange Remote Community School. Photographs by Wayne Quilliam. 

This bilingual edition – in Mangala and English - introduces non-Indigenous Australians to one of the five languages spoken at Bidyadanga (La Grange). The illustrations by and photographs of the students from La Grange KindiLink and Remote Community School reveal the joy the students felt in making this board book. It’s a bright, beautiful and fun board book that is perfect for the youngest readers to learn the names of various parts of their body in their home language. 

Karrkin features line drawings and gorgeous photographs, each with arrows pointing to the part of the body being referred to in the text. Young readers will delight in saying the name in Mangala and in English while pointing to the relevant part of the body in the book and on their own body. The book was created at an ILF workshop at Bidyadanga facilitated by ILF Ambassador Alison Lester and Jane Godwin. 

Release date: 27 July 2021

For ages 0-5.