Country Tells Us When… (Yawuru Edition)


Some cultures around the world have four seasons that they look out for on a calendar; Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Us Yawuru mob, we don't have four seasons that are told to us by a calendar. We have six seasons and Country tells us when they have arrived by what we feel, see, taste, smell and hear.

Discover how the Yawuru people read the seasons in this beautifully illustrated book.

For ages 5+

About the book:
The Yawuru people are the traditional owners of the lands and waters in and around Rubibi (the town of Broome). This book idea was conceived by educators Tsheena Cooper, Dalisa Pigram-Ross and Sheree Ford, who were inspired to share important cultural knowledge and language in a story that was both engaging and informative
for children.

They have used the medium of block printing to depict the imagery, layering the distinctive colours of the Kimberley as they move through the seasonal changes. First Nations language reclamation is a vital part in ensuring the continuation of cultural knowledge and is a form of empowerment that helps build strong connections in communities.