Build Your Library - Graphic Novel Pack


These authors and illustrators are making history with their graphic novels. The three female authors/artists, Lauren, Seraphina and Alyssa, are Australia's first-ever female Aboriginal graphic novelists, with Declan the second male to Brenton McKenna.

The three graphic novels, Mixed FeelingsExo Dimensions and Storm Warning variously challenge the politics of our times, addressing topics such as climate change, intergenerational trauma and healing, and two-way cultural learning

Support four young creators and build your library with First Nations stories. Suitable for age 12+.

  • Storm Warming - A story about zombies, natural disasters, climate change, human mistakes, and friendship.
  • Exo Dimensions - Exploring mutant zombies and cyborgs in a dysfunctional family.
  • Mixed Feelings - Explores the challenges of school and life from the perspective of Pam,  a high school student who is deemed ‘weird’ by her classmates.